April session plans

How to get playing in our first online meeting

April session plans

Our next schedule session on 4 April will be held online. We'll still aim to have the meeting start at 10.00am so there are plenty of games for people to choose from.

People can choose whatever virtual tabletop or website they want for their games, rather than us dictating what platforms people should use. We'll provide a way for you to say what games you can host, and for people to sign up to them.

To help organise things, we've set up a shared spreadsheet to coordinate games, and a Discord server to allow voice and text chat. It would be useful if you could do some of this before Saturday, so that we're ready to go on the day!

Getting help

If you're stuck on any part of this, ask for help on our Facebook group or in Discord, and hopefully someone will be along to help sort things out.

Register on various platforms

If you can, register on various platforms before Saturday, so you're ready to go when the session starts. Some we'd suggest are:

There may be others! Let us know in the comments or in our Facebook group.

Let people find you

Once you've registered, please add your details to the shared spreadsheet, so that other can find you on the various platforms and invite you into games. Use the "player names" tab at the bottom.

Offer to host a game

If you can offer to host a game, please fill in the details in the shared spreadsheet. (Use the "games" tab.) Please add the platform it's on and whether people need to pay to join the game.

If you can, take the game for a trial run before Saturday, just to make sure everything works smoothly.

Sign up to a game

Take a look at the "games" tab on the shared spreadsheet to find the games you'd like to play. Chat on the Discord server to coordinate getting players into games. Add your name to the row after the "signed up players" column.

Once there are enough players, start the game.

When you think your game is close to finishing, drop a note on Discord in case other people are looking for more players to join a game soon.

When your game's finished, offer to host another game and use Discord to see if anyone would like to play it. Take a look at the spreadsheet to see what other games are looking for players.

Have fun!

Hopefully, things will go smoothly and we'll have another successful games day. We look forward to seeing you all there!