We had a good turnout for the third of our outdoor sessions, even though August is usually our quietest month.  A number of our regulars were away on holiday, but there were still around a dozen of us, including several new faces.  Welcome!

There were at least ten different games played, providing lots of variety.  The two biggest/longest ones both had space themes, including a new treat which went down well– Star Colonies, brought along by Lawrence, its designer.

There was an old favourite too, Terraforming Mars, now in the big box version.  With several expansions, this was a marathon session, keeping five players happily occupied for several hours.

The only interruption came when a few drops of rain were felt, and everyone leapt up and rushed to cover all the games.  Fortunately we were well prepared for this, and, even more fortunately, it really was only a few drops, which were soon replaced by sunshine.

As well as the big two, there were games of Codex Naturalis (brand new), Castle Keep, Ingenious, Just One, Potion Explosion, For Sale, The Great Dalmuti (with hats), Insider – and possibly more that I didn’t notice.  I certainly didn‘t get round to photographing them all!


We plan to hold our next meeting, on 11 September, back indoors in Linslade Community Hall, with appropriate  Covid precautions.