BuzzardCon 1 happened!

The BuzzardCon organiser's view of the day.

BuzzardCon 1 happened!

BuzzardCon happened - and it was good! So far, all the feedback I have received has been positive, which is very encouraging.  This was our first time organising a LBBGC whole day event, so we didn’t quite know how it would go.  

The credit for its success goes to a core group of people willing to give their time, experience, expertise (and in one case wife’s culinary skills) to help make it happen.  You know who you are, so Thank You!  

Our most laborious task leading up to BuzzardCon was publicity.  Several of us spent big chunks of time at our keyboards or stuffing envelopes getting the info out.  It’s very easy to get through a large number of flyers, not so easy to judge whether they get read. We must have done something right though, as people turned up.  A big welcome to the new friends we have made.  

Choice of venue was easy.  We have been using Linslade Community Hall for years and although the cost has risen, it ticks all the boxes for us, having a generous supply of tables and chairs, a more than adequate kitchen, easy access, its own car park, and is only a short stroll from the main line station      

We decided that providing food was an essential and guessed (rightly it turned out) that a hot home-cooked meal would be appreciated.  Sharing out cooking duties between us was easy, with people picking the items they were good at and enjoyed making.  Even before we knew about any special dietary requirements we decide to make the main meal choices gluten free, and the vegetarian meal vegan – this paid off and we didn’t need to make any last minute changes.  It was interesting to note that the fresh fruit was not nearly as popular as the cakes, and the regular, gluten free, and vegan ones all went down well.  Of course we also provided non–stop tea/coffee and biscuits just as we do for our regular meetings.            

Of course, what it was all about was the games. There was a large choice and variety of games to play (even more than at our regular meetings) and nobody seemed to spend time sitting around waiting for a game.  The Bring and Buy tables did well too.

So, will we do it again?  YES!  Please mark Saturday 13 July in your calendars, and watch out for details of BuzzardCon 2.  We look forward to seeing you there and at our regular meetings too.