BuzzardCon 2 happened on 13 July. It's time to look back at what happened!

The day was well attended from the 9.00am opening, with more people coming in throughout the day. The day started with the important things getting sorted first: table service of biscuits for all attendees!

Biscuits served at the table!

There were loads of games going in the morning, including Power Grid (above), Call to Adventure, Dice Hospital, and Caverna.

I played Dice Hospital, using the Kickstarter backer edition (but it's now out in retail). It was a fun game! Dice represent the patients in your hospital, with low values being more ill patients. More patients appear every round; if you elect to take the most poorly patients, you move to earlier in the order that round. In order, you pick either a new room in your hospital (often allowing you to treat several patients at once) or a specialist (giving you the worker you need to staff your rooms, and normally some special extra ability). Once everyone's done that, you all simultaneously treat your patients. You get points for curing and discharging patients, with more points for discharging more in a single round. Untreated patients deteriorate and eventually die; that gives you negative points.

I thought the game was fun. It was fairly quick, there was some planning involved in setting up powerful combos, but it wasn't a game where you need to plan out five moves in advance. I also like the theme of helping people, rather than the more usual framing of conflict and strife.

There were more games in the morning: Call to Adventure, Ora & Labora, and Deep Sea Adventure. (Power Grid and Caverna continued.)

But while these games were happening, I was preparing the vast feast that was the BuzzardCon lunch! We had chili, vegan chili, salad, bread, rice, a vegan tortilla omlette, and a bunch more food too. It was all well received!

After lunch, it was time to get back to the games. We had Bohnanza, Bruxelles, Camp Grizzly, Champions of Midgard, Flamme Rouge, and the first (seemingly obligatory) game of Terraforming Mars.

I played Flamme Rouge, a fairly light game of a stage of the Tour de France. Each player has two cyclists, a rouleur and a sprinter; the idea is that the rouleur is the workhorse of the stage, helping the sprinter get into position to snatch the win on the line. Gameplay is driven by a deck of cards for each cyclist; each card determines how far that cyclist moves along the track on that turn. The rouleur's deck has mostly middle-value card, the sprinter's deck has more extreme values, both high and low. Each round, you nominate a cyclist, draw four cards from their deck, secretly select one to play, then do the same for the other cyclist. Played cards are permanently discarded. There are a couple of cycling-flavoured rules for the peleton bunching up and cyclists at the front getting fatigued, and a hill or two add some tactics to the game.

I found it another fun game. There was a bit of indirect player interaction, with players having to guess how other people would play, so you could take advantage of slipstreaming, and when would be a good time to launch a breakaway attack. The limited hand size meant that sometimes you were forced into rather sub-optimal decisions. I ended up lucking into a win right on the line, but I can't claim that was all part of my brilliant strategic plan!

That took us to tea time, when the cakes were served and some more games were played, including Puerto Rico, Great Western Trail, Great Western Trail, and Elder Sign.

I had to miss the very end of the day due to other commitments, but all the feedback I got was that it was a very good day. I certainly enjoyed it and managed to play a few games that were both new to me and fun!

Keep an eye out for BuzzardCon 3! Details are currently unclear, but it will probably be sometime in January.