Our third one-day BuzzardCon was a great success! We had more people than ever, and loads of games were played. We're doing our next BuzzardCon on 11 July; please register on the BuzzardCon page so we know how much food to bring!

We started off with a combination of quicker, lighter games while people settled in (such as High Society, Blame, and Hanabi), and a few where we started straight on the heavier games (Brass Birmingham and Terraforming Mars), and a few in between (Cthulhu: Death May Die and Mysterium). I was in Terraforming Mars, playing the Turmoil expansion for my second time. It's definitely one for people who've played the base game a few times, but it does add a lot to the game by opening out a different avenue for influencing what happens.

We also had games of Wingspan, Dominant Species, The Quest for El Dorado and Isle of Cats. As you can see, there were a lot of people packed into the hall!

As well as the traditional board games, we had a couple of dexterity games, crokinole and pitchnut. I was just useless at crokinole.

After the lunch (no photos of that, unfortunately), the games continued. We had Sheriff of Nottingham, Deception, Once Upon a Time, Istanbul, and Adventure Island.

The games continued! There was Chinatown, String Railway, Concordia, Undaunted, another game of Terraforming Mars, Torres, and Pandemic: Fall of Rome.

The last couple of games before the afternoon tea-and-cake were The Great Dalmuti, Machi Koro, and Railroad Revolution. I was in Railroad Revolution, which took a bit of getting used to (it was the owner's first play of the game). There were some elements of area control and engine building, with a core mechanic of selling track and stations to get the money to power other actions, such as placing more track and stations. I managed to do well in the game by focusing on just one of the three scoring tracks and maximising both the number of steps on that track and the value of each step.

Then it was time for tea and cake, which seemed to go down well with the crowds who were still there. The vegan and gluten-free cakes were appreciated by many!

After tea, things wound down a little as people started drifting home. But there were plenty of people still around until the close of the day at 9.00pm! The last games played included Taverns of Tiefenthal, Robo Rally, Journeys in Middle Earth, Splendour, Deckscape, Yellow & Yangtze, Ticket to Ride: India, Feast for Odin and finally Tsuro.

And that was BuzzardCon 3! Our next one is on 11 July 2020. All the details are on the BuzzardCon page. Our next meeting is on 14 March. I hope to see you at both of them!