We’ve done it again! The third BuzzardCon has come and gone and was a success. When we decided to organise the first one (in February 2019) we weren’t too sure how it would go, but believed that a small friendly Con would be popular and viable. Numbers attending have increased each time, so we are apparently doing something right.

There’s plenty of planning and preparation which goes on before the events, in order to make things run smoothly. This is shared between a small group of us. Each of us takes on a part of the essential publicity; attendees may have heard about BuzzardCon from a number of different sources. Catering tasks are also divided between us, each doing what they’re good at to provide the home cooked hot meal which always goes down well. This time we also managed a good selection of home made cakes, and it was a pleasure too see several faces light up as they approached the serving counter to make their choice. Next time I’ll make extra Lemon Drizzle cake, as it was more popular than I‘d expected.  

All this and more is done to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable day’s gaming—even organisers manage to get a few games in. The original motive for running the Cons was to support the regular meetings of LBBGC, both by attracting more members and making sure that club finances were in a healthy condition (our comfortable and well-appointed venue comes at a price). This is being achieved! Therefore we are confident that we can keep the fee for the regular meetings (reduction for minors) at £7.50 for the rest of 2020, and BuzzardCon 4 at £15.

Thanks for coming to BuzzardCon 3, and many thanks to everyone who helped out. See you at BuzzardCon 4.