August, and continuing online

Why and how we're continuing online

August, and continuing online

Our August meeting online was a success, with six to eight of us joining at different parts of the day. We played Niagra, 6 Nimnt, Rallyman GT, 7 Wonders, Carcassonne, and a few others, mainly on Board game arena and talking via our Discord server. (Please email us at if you'd like an invite to the Discord server.)

We've looked at restarting in-person meetings in the hall from September onwards. However, the current UK government advice on socialising says:

You are able to meet indoors in groups of up to two households.

Generally, when we meet, we have one person per household along, and four or more people at a table. However we do it, in-person boardgames would lead to close and prolonged contact, indoors, between multiple households.

For that reason, we don't feel it's safe to restart in-person meetings at the moment. As and when the government advice changes, we'll reassess what happens with club.

We'll keep people informed when things change. In the meantime, our next meeting on 12 September will be online.

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