December 2018 meeting: what we played

What happened at our December 2018 meeting

December 2018 meeting: what we played

Last Saturday was our 2018 December/Christmas extravaganza!


The highlight of the day was our now-traditional Pitchcar competition. Everyone competes in the heat of the game (there were several heats thoughout the day). At the end of the day, everyone picks a game from the prize table in order of score.

As you can see, there are both a lot of cars and a lot of Pitchcar to send the little counters around. We make a virtue of the two table by including a couple of jumps into the course!

The winning score was a mere 17 flicks; the highest number of flicks needed to complete the course was in the 30s.

Other games

We had a large number of other games being played throughout the day. I've only managed to get photos of a few of them! Pehaps the prettiest was a copy of Terraforming Mars with custom inserts and a vast collection of 3d-printed tiles. We also had a seemingly thought-provoking game of Takenoko, Oasis, Estates, and a few others.

Later on, we played Bruxelles 1893, Deep Sea Adventure, and a first play of Ivor the Engine, and another game of Terraforming Mars. (I was in the second game, giving the Prelude expansion another whirl: it stood up to its first impressions, and didn't overwhelm the first-time player!)

And to cap it all, we were plied with mince pies, stollen, and spring rolls throughout the day, in addition to our standard supply of tea, coffee, and biscuits.

All in all, a very enjoyable day. Thanks everyone for coming along!