December was again our Christmas extravaganza! It was somewhat hampered by the lack of water in Leighton Buzzard (there was a major failure of the water supply in the area that weekend), which may have meant the numbers were down a bit. But the lack of water didn't stop the fun!

The centrepiece of the day was the traditional Pitchcar tournament. We have a hoard of donated games; everyone on the day plays Pitchcar for their chance to win a prize of our pile of games.

But Pitchcar wasn't the only game played!

One of our regulars has spent the last several months making his own Crokinole board. It is a thing of beauty.

Other games includes Viticulture and Pandemic: Fall of Rome…

Quantum, Prince of Florence, and Nightmarium.

There were plenty of other games played, including Detective and Bull in a China Shop.

Next meeting

Our next meeting is on 11 January. You can see all future dates on our calendar, and there's BuzzardCon on 8 February 2020.