December 2021 meeting

Christmas meeting, but few pictures

December 2021 meeting

We had our December Christmassy meeting on 11 December. It was well-attended, even if I managed to only take a few photos!

The biggest omission was the total lack of photos of our annual Pitchcar competition, and the prize table. I will mention the generosity of Wargames Workshop, who contributed to the prize collection.

I spent most of the day in an epic six-player game of Power Grid, made more challenging by us inadvertently using the wrong market refresh numbers! That meant all the resources were more expensive during the game, making for a longer play time than usual. However, the game was still fun and Power Grid did its usual thing of bring in a close game at the end.

Elsewhere, we had games of Die of the Dead, Paperback, and Quantum.

Our covid precautions were still in force and everyone did their part, so thanks to all attendees for that. But the ventilation meant everyone was wrapped up well against the cold.

2022 plans

Our next meeting is scheduled for 8 January 2022, in the hall. We're planning to have the same covid precautions in place. However, we're still waiting on confirmation of the dates from the hall (they plan the year ahead in December), and we're keeping an eye on the covid situation. Watch this space, our Facebook group, and our Meetup page for updates.