January 2019 meeting: what we played

All the excitement from our January 2019 meeting

January 2019 meeting: what we played

Last Saturday was our January meeting, where various Christmas presents were played!

The mammoths

We had two long games during the day: Terraforming Mars and Through the Ages. Terraforming Mars was a return of the 3d-printed tiles and extravagant inserts; the game had two new players, many expansions, and took quite a while to play! (I was told that people where having too much fun in the game building engines to get around to actually terraforming Mars.)

The other big game was Through the Ages. The game was set up at 10.00am, many cubes and cards were moved around, and they just, just, finished the game as we had to pack up at 5.00pm!

The rest of the morning

Meanwhile, many other games were happening. I got my long-promised game of Blood Rage, after my November game of Rising Sun. We also had Cuba Libre, Smallworld, Paperback, and a few others I didn't get around to recording.

I was offered a game of Blood Rage by Dennis after I commented on Rising Sun. I enjoyed Blood Rage a lot more. The basic core of the two games are very similar: a map of a few regions, figures moving around quite slowly, combat strongly affected by cards and powers, and some monsters to summon and swing things for you. The difference I found was that Blood Rage was both simpler and quicker than Rising Sun. I made a mistake in the opening few minutes of the game (overpaying for an upgrade that meant I couldn't get going on the board) so was behind for the whole game. I came last by a long way, but had a blast while getting my proverbial handed to me. A game I'd happily play again sometime.

The afternoon

I didn't take so many photos in the afternoon, but did grab some snaps of Kingdomino, Kittens in a Blender, and Tokaido. Tokaido was a fun way to round off the day and I introduced this gentle little game to a bunch of people new to it.

I forgot to take a picture of Yangtze & Yellow in play, which was my Christmas present. I was a great game, definitely a streamlined version of Tigris & Euphrates. Once we'd worked out the various moving parts, the game moved quickly and the final scores were all pretty close. One to play again!

That was my January meeting, and very successful it was too. Our next meeting, in February, is our all-day BuzzardCon. Keep an eye on the page for updates!

If you were at the January meeting, what did you play?