Our July meeting happened, despite the best efforts of the British summer weather!

Ongoing Covid restrictions meant we decided to hold the meeting back in the member's garden. That allowed us to move between tables, as well as being safer all round. But the weather was conspiring against us, with rain predicted in the morning. To save the games from the rain, we decided to delay the start of the meeting to lunchtime.

Despite that, we had a good turnout and a good for the day and quite a few games were played. Unfortunately, I was so wrapped up in many of them that I forgot to take enough photos!

We started with Azul and a quick game of Hey, That's my Fish! as other drifted in. Then it was on to the main event, two parallel games of Die of the Dead, a new game based on the Mexican Dia de los Muertos. We've played Die of the Dead a few times, and it continues to be a fun, tactile, and pretty game.

After that, we settled in to a couple of longer games: Power Grid and the Big-Box enabled Terraforming Mars with the 3d tiles. I lost Terraforming Mars by a long way, but I was playing as "Pharmacy Union" a rather strange and interesting corporation from the Big Box so had a lot of fun despite that.


Our next meeting is on 14 August. and is likely to be back in the Linslade Community Hall. If we are back in the hall, it's likely that numbers will be limited, so please sign up to the Meetup event so that we know how many are coming.