June 2019: what we played

A quick update on our June meeting

June 2019: what we played

A quick update on our last regular meeting before BuzzardCon on 13 July!

Space Corp mini-review

I didn't get to see a lot of what else was happening during the day, as I spent just about the whole day playing a game of Space Corp. It's a game I'd not heard of before, but it would be good value-for-money: it's essentially three games in one. You play corporations colonising space, expanding out from earth. You play in three stages of colonisation: the inner Solar System (Earth, Moon, and Mars), the outer Solar System, and then nearby interstellar space. Each stage has a separate board and some modifications on the basic rules.

We really enjoyed the game, even if it took us about six hours to play! In practice, you could get by with a lot shorter time. The rules are quite simple, but there are a lot of choices to make (explore a new area, build a base on an area, exploit an existing base; if you're buiding a base, what type do you build?) and it took us a while to understand what the best choices were in each situation. On a second play-through, I expect we'd be a lot faster. Also, each turn is pretty quick, so the game rattles along at a decent pace once you get into it.

The other thing that makes the game less of a burden is the three-stage gameplay. After each stage, the game essentially resets, and very little is carried over from one stage to the next: your VPs, a couple of legacy assets, and a few cards representing your tech tree. It would be quite easy to play a stage in just over an hour, then pack away ready for the next stage to begin at another time.

All in all, a good game, and one I'd be happy to play again.

Everything else!

Unfortunately, I only got photos of a few of the other games played on the day. Cows were herded as Great Western Trail made another appearance, and Europe was electrified in Power Grid.

Later in the day we had a grand procession in Taj Mahal and dwarven homesteading in Caverna.

Shockingly, no-one played Terraforming Mars!

Please use the comments to let me know what else you played on the day! And if you have any thoughts on Space Corp or the other games, comment away!