We had fewer people than normal at our June meeting, probably due to a combination of the long Bank holidya weekend and UK Games Expo being on the same day. But we had plenty of games going on.

We started with games of Oceans, Quacks of Quedlinburg, 6 Nimmt, and San Juan (not pictured). I finally got to play my own copy of San Juan! It is very much Puerto Rico the card game. I think I prefer San Juan, as it keeps the essence of its larger sibling but in a more streamlined game.

The afternoon saw a couple of longer games, Rococo and Brass: Birmingham. After Rococo, we had a quick game of Ra.

Rococo continues to be a great mid-weight Euro that doesn't outstay its welcome. It was our first time playing Ra, and our considered opinion was that it's a very Reiner Knizia game, with an idiosyncratic scoring mechanism and the need to carefully balance using resources for a win now, or husbanding them for later.

July meeting

Our next meeting is on 9 July. Please sign up at the Meetup page, just in case we have too many people for the hall.