March 2019 meeting: what we played

Photos and more from a regular meeting.

March 2019 meeting: what we played

After the gaming extravaganza that was BuzzardCon 1, 9 March saw us settle back into our usual monthly meeting.

It was good to see several people turn up at the March meet after first coming along at BuzzardCon. It seems that the publicity drive for BuzzardCon paid off. While I'm here, I'll shamelessly plug BuzzardCon 2 on 13 July, and encourage you to sign up!

On the day, the most visually impressive game was the huge expanse of Firefly. Not a game I've ever played, but I've heard good things about it and it looked fabulous.

Root also got a run out, with comments that it was fun, but needs replay. The asymmetic objectives meant that none of the players really knew what the others were up to. We also had games of Great Western Trail and the almost-obligatory Terraforming Mars.

Later in the day we had Viticulture, Photosynthesis, A Feast for Odin, Azul, Inis, and Age of Empire, rounding out a good day's gaming.

Our next meeting is on 13 April. You can get details from our calendar, or find the event on Meetup or Facebook. What will you be bringing?