Our February meeting was a strange one. The looming shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic affected the run-up to the event and we had no real idea how many people would turn up. As it was, we had a healthy twenty or so members for a fun day of in-person gaming.

We started, of course, with a game of Pandemic. This one went well for us, with a good fall of cards meaning that we cured three of the four diseases very quickly; the fourth took only a little longer. If only real-life pandemics were this easy to handle! The game was so quick, we even managed to fit in a game of Photosynthesis (which I lost horribly, so let's not talk too much about it).

Other games in the morning were Pax Pamir, Mission: Red Planet, and Quirkle.

The games continued throughout the day, with sessions of Alhambra, Clank, Viking: 878,  Zombie Fluxx, and some card game with green cards and vegetables which I can't remember the name of. Whatever it was, it seemed fun!

I spent most of the afternoon in Vinci, a light wargame that was reimplemented as Small World . It was a fun game, even if I did manage to hamper myself by conquering most of central Europe in the first few turns. That really hampered my space to expand my second empire without encroaching on the original one. Meanwhie, there was another game of Alhambra and the ever-popular 6 Nimnt.

The day finished with games of Kingdomino, Tiny Towns, Settlers of Catan, and Carcasonne. There was even a quick game of Deep Sea Adventure in the mix, though I didn't manage to get a picture of it.

And that was the day!

Given the uncertainty about Covid-19 at the time of writing, who knows when our next physical meeting will be? But there are plenty of opportunities for online gaming, so the club will likely take advantage of that.

And if you know the name of that green card game with the cabbages, please let me know!