March 2022 meeting

Back in the hall!

March 2022 meeting

We were back in the hall for March and it was good to see so many gamers in the flesh again. We had our usual Covid mitigations in place, so everyone wore masks and wrapped up against the Spring chill as we had all the doors and windows open for ventilation.

We started off with games of Dune Imperium, Trans America, and Tiny Epic Quest. I was in the game of Dune Imperium. It was my second game of that, and I had a bit more idea of what was going on. (The game's owner still beat us handily, though.) It's mainly a worker placement game with a bit of deck-builder thrown in. It's also a very interactive game, where you spend a lot of your time reacting to what the other players are doing and trying to take what advantage you can of their weaknesses and the opportunities you have. A fun game, but I don't think one of my favourites.

After some heavy games in the morning, we played some lighter games (_Holi_ and Poison) over lunch Holi is a game based on the Indian colour festival and features the three-dimensional board. It involved a bit more thinking than the presentation suggested, with a fair bit of turning cards and peering through board layers to work out what was a good move. It was fun!

After we reconvened, we settled down to games of Tiny Epic Galaxies, Stone Age, and Clank. I was in Tiny Epic Galaxies and it was a fun mid-weight game. I somehow managed to scrape a win! I could claim it was all down to my superior skill, but mostly I think it was down to the luck of the dice. After that, I had to go home for family duties, so I wasn't able to see the ends of the other games.

Next meeting

Our next meeting is on 9 April. We'll take a view nearer the time, but we'll probably ask people to keep to our Covid mitigations again. Hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer!

Please sign up at Meetup so we can keep an eye on how many attendees we have.