Our November meeting was busy again, with many people playing many games throughout the day. I just hope I managed to catch all of them!

We started off with games of Shogun, Paperback, Energy Empire, and Cuba Libre. Shogun looked like it had an interesting mechanic for battles: there was something like a dice tower with ledges inside. For a battle, you dropped in the cubes representing the armies (and a few neutral cubes) and then saw what came out of the tower; some of the new cubes got stuck in there, and some of the cubes from previous battles were knocked out. It was a neat and physical way of having uncertainty in the game.

I was playing Energy Empire, which was a worker-placement game of building power stations while trying to keep pollution under control. It was entertaining enough, but not my favourite.

After that, I was in a game of the beautifully-presented Wingspan. It was a game I rather enjoyed.

The first thing to mention, that you can't get away from, is that it's a beautiful game. The components are lovely, especially the little multi-coloured eggs, and the bird feeder dice tower. The artwork on the cards is stunning, with all the birds shown off to their best advantage.

The gameplay itself is simple and straightforward. You get eight or so cubes at the start of a round. On your turn, you place a cube on one of the four actions (play a bird to your board, gather food, lay eggs, or draw more bird cards); the benefit of each action depends on how many birds have been played in that row. If there are birds in that row, you also do the brown actions listed on their cards, so there's a little bit of engine building going on too. Because each person takes one action at a time, things move on quite quickly. Good moves change between turns because the cards available for drawing, and the food available for harvesting, change as people take turns. But things don't change too much in other people's turns, so you can think of a couple of good actions while they're playing.

All in all, a good game. I'm just not sure there's enough game in there to justify the price point, as a consequence of all the lovely components.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of other games going on. We had 6 Nimnt, Five Tribes, Northern Pacific, the near-mandatory Great Western Trail, and the absolutely mandatory Terraforming Mars.

There was also time for some lighter, dare say sillier, games, such as Deep Sea Adventure, Magic Maze, and Torres.

Our next meeting is on 14 December (see the calendar for all our upcoming meetings), and will be our Christmas extravaganza, including the annual Pitch Car competition: take a look at what happened last Christmas.

What did you play at the November meeting? What would you like to play in December, or what will you be bringing?