We kicked off with Poison, as a warm-up.  It's a small game in a not-so-small box, which I bought on impulse a while ago, knowing nothing about it except that it was by Reiner Knizia. It's an amusing short lightweight game and I don't regret acquiring it.

(Meanwhile, David was playing 6 Nimnt.)

We had a session of Paperback, which is a word forming card game which I really enjoy.  We discovered there is an option to profit by helping an opponent who is stuck on their word choice - this really appeals to the more pedantic among us.

(There were also games of Spartacus and Brass: Birmingham.)

In Attika the players - Athens, Sparta , Corinth and Thebes - compete to develop and enhance their city states.  I thought I was doing quite well, but then realised I had totally messed up and lost horribly - still enjoyed it though and hope to do better if I play it again.

Root was another first for me, although I had seen others play it at previous meetings.  I wasn't initially attracted to the idea of an asymmetric game  - with different rules and ways to win for each player - but as I played it really grew on me (or at least, my character did).  

I didn't get round to a game of Terraforming Mars unfortunately - maybe next time, as there seems to be at least one going on at every meeting.

Turnout at the club was really good, and we welcomed a couple of new members.

There were still more games being played, including The History of the World and Concordia.

If you've got any thoughts on the day, or the games we played, please leave a comment.