September saw our first indoor meeting since March 2020, and it was a success! Huge thanks to all our attendees for sticking so well to the Covid mitigations, and we had lots of game played.

We started off with Die of the Dead, Rallyman GT, and City Tycoon.

Die of the Dead is so good, we played it again in the afternoon, alongside Tulip Bubble, Brass: Birmingham, and Terraforming Mars.

Tulip Bubble is a great little game of speculation during the 1630s' Dutch tulip mania. You buy and sell tulips, often taking on large loans to do so. The limited card set means you can predict a little how the market will change, so you can time when to buy and when to sell (or you can aim for the contracts on the side that are harder to achieve but give a larger payout). But the fun part is the push-your-luck element at the end game: you never quite know when the tulip bubble will burst (the instant end of game), when all your tulips become useless but you still need to pay back the loans!

The day finished off with a few different games, including Love Letter, Deep Sea Adventure, and Oceans. Oceans is a pretty, lighthearted, but fairly ruthless game of building productive ecosystems. At its heart it's an engine-builder, but one where bit of your engine unpredictably go extinct and everyone's using overpowered cards to get an advantage.


One thing that was a great success was how well everyone adhered to the Covid mitigations we had. Everone wore a mask all day, people didn't congregate too much, and everyone was happy to keep all the doors and windows open all day. Things were helped by it being a warm day!

But the positive reaction to the Covid measures means we're happy to do the next meeting in the hall on the same basis.

Next meeting

Our next meeting is on 9 October, back in the hall. Please sign up to attend on the Meetup page, so we know we'll only have as many people as is safe for the hall. We'll keep to the same Covid mitigations as last time, so please only come if you're feeling well, take a home test before coming, and wear a mask all the time you're inside. We'll keep the doors and windows open and have suitable arrangements for tea, coffee, and biscuits.

(The meeting after that is on 6 November, not our usual "second Saturday" slot.)