Saturday 11 September will see our return to our regular home – Linslade Community Hall, LU7 2NR. It’s been a long time but we are now, finally, going back to in-person gaming, indoors.  It will be great to see old faces (and some new ones too).

Games in the Garden through the summer was fun, and attracted several new members, but with Autumn approaching that will no longer be practical.  As there were minimal costs involved in those meetings, no fee was charged – but the Hall has to be paid for, so we will be back to the pre-covid fee of £7.50 for the session, with reductions for newbies and minors.

Covid precautions

Sadly, Coronavirus is still with us.  We want to do everything we can to keep you all safe, so are asking all of you to take the following precautions, for everyone’s benefit.

We will do our best to ensure that the venue is adequately ventilated. Please help to keep it Covid safe by complying with the following:

  • Feel well - Do not come if you have had recent contact with anyone infected, or are feeling unwell in any way.
  • Test before coming, in case you are infected but asymptomatic.  If you don’t have a test kit at home you can order one via the Government Covid site, or pick one up at most pharmacies.
  • Masks - Protect others and yourself by wearing a face covering (correctly) inside the venue at all times.  Weather permitting, the park and garden immediately outside the hall is a pleasant environment for a mask-free lunch break.
  • Sanitiser - Please bring your own and use it regularly.  If you cough or sneeze on your hands, please sanitise them immediately, before touching anything, especially game pieces.

NB  There will be no exceptions to any of the above. If you feel unable or unwilling to follow them, then please don’t come.

We really look forward to seeing you - Saturday 11 September, 10am to 5pm.